CRC Tuition

Tuition Information - 9/1/18



Full Time Program

White Room (infants)



Orange & Maroon Rooms (toddlers)



Blue & Aqua Rooms (2’s)



Yellow, Purple, Red, Green

and Indigo Rooms (3 - 5’s)



Part Time Program – 8:30-12:30

Jade and Violet Room 2 ½ - 5’s



School Age Program

Before school only



After school only



Before & after school



Summer Camp – weekly


1.      Tuition is due on the 1st of each month OR semi-monthly payments can be made on the 1st & 16th of each month.  Weekly payments are accepted for school age Summer Camps only.

2.      Late fees are assessed on the 5th and the 20th of each month. If tuition is received on or after the 5th and the 20th of the month, a $5 late fee will be added to your child’s account.

3.      Please pay by check, money order, or exact cash.  Rainbow Riders cannot make change.  A $15.00 charge will be assessed on any returned checks.

4.      Please use the memo line to indicate your child’s name.  If you pay for more than one child on your check, include the amount to apply to each child’s account.

5.      There are no reductions in fees for days missed for illness, vacation, or days Rainbow Riders is closed for planned days such as professional development days or holiday breaks.

6.      If Rainbow Riders closes due to snow, there are no refunds or credits.

7.      Tuition increases occur every September.

8.      SCHOOL-AGE FAMILIES: Tuition for before/after or afterschool only includes all teacher work days, early dismissals, delayed openings, and up to 5 inclement weather days per school year.  All children enrolled in the school-age programs (except before school only) will be charged $35 per day beginning on the 6th day unless you opt for your child to not attend any inclement weather closings.  In this case, families should notify administration at the beginning of the school year.  Before school only families pay daily rates for inclement weather days ($35/full day) when space permits attendance. A track down fee of $5 will be billed to families when a parent/guardian does not notify RR that their child will not be attending the afterschool program on a particular day.

9.      JADE and VIOLET ROOM FAMILIES: Monthly tuition will be pro-rated only in August/September and May/June with the start and end dates of the program.  When Rainbow Riders closes for planned days, tuition is not pro-rated.   Additionally, families will be reimbursed on the 6th day Montgomery County Public Schools close due to inclement weather determined by Montgomery County Public Schools. Credits are given on children’s accounts in April once the winter weather season has concluded.

10.  REGISTRATION FEES: Registration fees are due annually and are non-refundable.  Each Spring, families will be required to register for the Summer and Fall Programs.  The registration fees for infants through preschoolers are $25.00 for the Summer Program and $50.00 for the Fall Program.  For our school-age programs, Summer Camp registration fee is $50.00 and before and/or after school is $25.00. 

11.  LATE PICK UP: A late fee of $1/minute will be billed to the child’s account when not picked up by 5:45 PM.


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