Enrollment Information

We keep a waiting list in order to enroll new families into our program.  When openings become available in a particular age group, we go to the list to fill the slot.  Positions are filled based on their first date of contact with Rainbow Riders and with consideration of our partnership agreements.

We typically expect openings in January, March, June, August and November.  During these transition times, we move our currently enrolled children to their next age groups.  We draft enrollment for those transition times about one month ahead so we can identify any openings in our Program. Once those openings are determined, we go to our waiting list database.

Class group sizes and ratios per age group are as follows*:

   Age Group    
Group Size
   Teacher:Child Ratio    
        CRC Site              Knollwood Site   
White Room
(6wk-12 mos.)
12 12  1:3 
Orange & Maroon Rooms
(12-24 mos.)
8 1:4 
Blue & Aqua Rooms
(2-3 year olds)
10 15 1:5
Yellow, Purple & Violet(KWD) Rooms
(2-3 year olds) 
16 16 1:8 
Red, Green, & Indigo Rooms
(3-5 year olds)
18 18 1:9
Part Time Preschool - Jade Rooms
(3-5 years olds)
18  18 1:9
Part Time Preschool - Violet(CRC) Room
(2 ½ -3 ½ year olds)

Clubhouse (CRC)
(K-1st grades)
30   1:15
Farside (KWD)
(K-5th grades)

 36 1:15
Flipside (CRC)
(2nd-5th grades) 


*Group sizes and ratios may vary depending on enrollment

If you would like a tour, please feel free to call either location and one of our Directors will schedule a tour for your family.

If you are interested in enrolling your child at Rainbow Riders, please complete the waiting list application.

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