Resources for Families

General Sites

Baby Center
Information on a wide range of topics including pregnancy, babies, toddlers, and much more (has a medical advisory board that includes Dr. Brazelton, Dr. Ferber and Dr. Sears).

By journalists from Parenting, BabyTalk, and Family Life magazines, and owned by Time Life, Inc. and Proctor & Gamble (includes "Dr. Sears Online" website).

Projects in the Psychology Department
Information about the Virginia Tech Psychology Department projects that are currently enrolling babies, kids, and parents.

Working Mom's Internet Refuge
Parenting infomation, children's health newsletter, and a chance to interact with other moms through their bulletin boards and listservs.

Yahoo! Parenting Web Directory
A web directory listing sites on parenting 

Breastfeeding Sites

Useful articles.

La Leche League International
Useful information, publications, and support for breastfeeding moms (includes a wide range of topics including milk supply, weaning, nursing toddlers, working/pumping, and overcoming difficulties).

La Leche League-Blacksburg
Lists the names of the LLL Leaders available to provide support and information, meeting times, and more.

Car Seat Information

Babycenter: Infant Car Seats
Tips on installing, purchasing, etc.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administation: Child Passenger Safety
Useful information about car seats (see their Child Transportation Safety tips for more information).

Fun & Educational Sites

Children's Television Workshop


Montgomery Regional Library System

National Association for the Education of Young Children

National Afterschool Association

Public Broadcasting Service
Home to Arthur, Barney, and all the other favorite characters from public television.

Health/Medical Web Sites
Disclaimer: These sites are informational only. If you have health or medical questions, please consult your health care provider.

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

American Academy of Pediatrics

Food Allergy Network
Offering special alerts, FAQs, Hot Topics, recipes, updates, and more (originally started by a mom whose daughter had severe food allergies).

Picky Eaters
This is an article shared with us at our Parent Lecture Series presentation about picky eaters.

Includes sections for parents, teens, and kids (from the Nemours Foundation Center for Children's Health Media).

Sites for Dads

Babycenter: Dad's Zone

Boot Camp for New Dads

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